I’m sorry I haven’t posted lately.  The last two weeks our small community has been meeting for prayer- nothing special, just singing, praying and sitting in silence.

Except, my mind hasn’t been that silent lately.  I guess I’ve been thinking about a lot of things, and in some case I just feel that Community of Grace is going to end its ministry.  It’s not fun to do ministry there anymore and it seems that there just wasn’t a need for a new church.

It seems like a shame to me, because I truly believed there was a need for what we are doing.  I was looking at craigslist today and saw a post that pretty much summed up what I wanted Community of Grace to be:

Here is the deal I am looking for a church to attend…BUT NOT JUST ANY CHURCH- see my criteria below and let me know if you can suggest a place for me to attend. Would really appreciate your help.

I want a church that is loving and supportive and accepting of all people no matter where they are in their journey with God, no matter their color, religious background, sexual orientation etc. I don’t want a church that claims to be loving and accepting and then tries to tell gay people that they can’t get married, have children, or live life as they do because it is a sin. I am not gay, but I have a lot of gay freinds and any place that could possibly preach love and then be exclusive with their love like that is NOT the place for me.

I would like some place contemporary that has found the balance between living in modern times and relating religion to my world today, but still understands and appreciates tradition and is not ‘too far out’ new age type.I would like a church not get to involved in politics to the point where they try and sway their congregation to vote a certain way. In my opinion, politics and worship have nothing to do with God’s Love.

I don’t necessarily care about denomination- but I am not completely sold on attending a Unitarian type church either. I am a Christian with that being my foundation for worship even though much of the Unitarian concept sounds appealing and inspiring. …I’m not sure.

A place that values music and art and uses these things to help express their love for God. It would be cool if it had a strong community of artists/arts oriented people as well- and therefore the quality of talent being shared to celebrate God is strong.

I would also like something in or near Minneapolis- but I am willing to commute a bit for the right church.

This is the gist. I know it is a tall order- but I hope that someone out there will read this and be able to help me out.

I wish I could tell this person that we are working to create the church they are talking about.  This is a church in formation, but it could become the church they want.

I have seen other ads like this on craigslist, and I have responded, hearing nothing.

It’s sad to listen to God’s calling and seeing things not turn out how you expected.  I don’t blame God, though.  God’s calling doesn’t mean that things will be successful, at least in the human sense.

Maybe a miracle will happen with Community of Grace.  Maybe this chapter has to close, I don’t know.  I wish things were different, but who knows what God has in store.