Does it Matter?

January 27, 2007

This isn’t the best picture in the world of him, but I wanted to share this with people. This is Jim. He has been with Community of Grace since the beginning. I want to share a letter he sent to the Regional office in 2005 when we applied for a grant. He explained how important Community of Grace was to him.

I am writing to strongly support the formal

recognition of Community of Grace as a Disciples of

Christ Congregation. Though I previously attended

churches in both the Episcopal and Catholic faiths, I

have never before experienced the acceptance,

fellowship and spiritual growth that I have since I

joined Community of Grace.

As a gay man, I have often felt alienated by organized

religion, though I never lost my faith in God.

Reverend Dennis Sanders showed me that a church can be

open and affirming. His compassionate and insightful

sermons help me understand how the Bible is relevant

to my life and our world. His Bible studies help me

find comfort and love in the word of God. His

community service projects give me an outlet to help

those less fortunate than I.

In just six months, Community of Grace has grown from

an intriguing idea to an inspirational reality. I

sincerely hope that you will recognize Community of

Grace as a congregation. It has provided me with a

beacon of hope during a difficult time in my life. I

know that if given the opportunity, Community of Grace

will touch many other lives with God’s love and grace.

Evangelism has recieved a bad rap from mainline Protestant churches and for some good reasons. But we are still called to be Christ witnesses. New churches are about sharing God’s love with others. Jim was someone who felt estranged from most churches because of his sexuality and now he has a place to call home. Community of Grace may or may not survive much longer, but at least it made a difference in one person’s life and that’s what matters: changing lives.

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